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Industries of animal abuse and exploitation benefit from public ignorance. Final is an effort to expose places of industrialized cruelty, and to replace ignorance with knowledge. Your help is needed to create a resource that is up-to-date and comprehensive.

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Fur farms

1.3 million mink were killed on U.S. farms in 2022.

Market prices for mink pelts have declined to unprofitable levels. The average price per pelt in recent years was below the costs of production (feed, vaccines, bedding, insurance, utilities, wages). As a result, many fur farms are not in operation in 2023. Our directory likely includes farms that have closed permanently.

Today, there may be as few as 100 mink farms, and less than 25 farms raising fox, in the United States.


Laboratory animal suppliers

Our directory includes commercial suppliers of animals for research and testing.

A list of animal research facilities in the United States is available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (the USDA list may not include institutions that use only “nonregulated species,” such as mice, rats, birds, frogs and fish).

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