A mink farmer’s career ends in a courtroom

Oct 21, 2020

Jan Wolanin has raised mink on a farm in Harvard, Illinois for the past 15 years. Wolanin also operated a puppy mill.

In July 2019, following years of complaints from neighbors about conditions on the farm, animal control officers visited and found dogs living in filth, dogs without fresh water, and dogs with intestinal infections and untreated wounds. 42 German shepherds were removed from the property, including the dog picture above. At least two of the dogs were euthanized to end their suffering. Wolanin was arrested on multiple charges of cruelty to animals.

Wolanin’s problems continued a few months later when he was found to have improperly disposed of dead mink, in violation of county ordinance (he received a fine for the violations).

On October 14, 2020, Wolanin pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and was sentenced to two years probation and $29,929 restitution to McHenry County Animal Control. Most importantly, Wolanin was ordered to have no contact with animals, either by owning or caring for animals!